Human Rights Commission of the Maldives

Mohamed Zahid

Mr. Zahid, born in 1962, is the only son of Mr. Ibrahim Zaki and Ramiza Ibrahim of H.A Hathifuhsi (one of the smallest and isolated islands of the country laying in the northern edge of Maldives) is eldest in his family with two sisters.

Mr. Zahid has devoted his entire professional life to empower local community in Maldives to practically participate in the decision making processes that affect people lives through social mobilization, decentralization and good governance.

He started his career as a development worker with US Save the Children Federation in 1983.

Mr. Zahid worked for the government for five years to coordinate and oversee the management of Integrated Atoll Development Programs.

While Mr. Zahid was engaged in social mobilization, he also took part in the formation and advocated the role of civil society organizations. His efforts led to tremendous contribution in changing the face of the civil sector in Maldives.

Prior to being elected by parliament and appointed by the President as Vice – President of Human Rights Commission of the Maldives, he worked for UNDP & UNOPS funded projects programs throughout the country. In his long career, over two decades, as a social development worker he worked directly with almost half of the population in Maldives. He played a leading role in the South Asia Poverty Alleviation Program (SAPAP) & Atoll Development for Sustainable Livelihoods project that demonstrated to the Government & UN system a sustainable atoll development model, which became the atoll development policy stipulated in the National Development Plan of Maldives.

With his UN involvement he traveled around a lot, especially in SAARC region, gaining first hand knowledge and experience of rural poor and programs undertaken by people in collaboration with donor agencies including UN, NGOs and Governments.

Mr. Zahid has a vast array of practical knowledge on social mobilization and decentralization process in the Maldives and the region. His work has contributed greatly to the goal: Strengthening Atolls and Island Administration; articulated in the road map to liberal democracy in Maldives leading to social Justice.