Human Rights Commission of the Maldives

Shaikh Ahmed Abdul Kareem

Shaikh Ahmed Abdul Kareem

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Mr. Ahmed Abdul Kareem was appointed as a member of the Human Rights Commission of the Maldives for a second term on 13 September 2010. He holds a Masters Degree in Curriculum from University of Mohamed V, Rabat, Morocco.

Ahmed served the education sector of the government at the Educational Development Centre (EDC) and at Aminiya School. In addition to that he has worked as part time lecturer at the Kuliyya Dhiraasa Al Islamaiyya and Faculty of Education, Maldives College of Higher Education.

During his time at the EDC, Ahmed has written several books on Islamic education for students and teachers of primary and secondary schools.

He has also been writing articles regularly for the local newspapers concerning social and religious matters. Ahmed had started working on producing own publications on Islamic issues and Islamic education.

He has also participated in regional workshops held on Islamic education. Ahmed has also been serving as Imam in the mosques of Male’, Maldives. He also gives regular talks on the national television and radio to inform the public on religious matters of concern. In addition to that, he has given regular talks on religious matters in mosques throughout the country.

Ahmed has been an external examiner of Islamic Studies at the Department of Public Examinations since 2002. This includes setting and marking Islamic Studies Examination for secondary and higher secondary school leavers.

Ahmed had his secondary and tertiary education at Jamaia Daarul Salaam, Umaru Aabadhu in South India. He obtained his First Degree from the Islamic University at Al Madheenath Al Munawwara in Saudi Arabia.