Human Rights Commission of the Maldives

Ms. Mariyam Azra Ahmed

Ms. Mariyam Azra Ahmed

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Maryam Azra Ahmed (Azra) was appointed as President of the Commission on 13 October 2010. Prior to that, she served as a Commission Member from 27 November 2006. Before joining the Commission, she had served the Education sector for several years and holds a Masters Degree from the University of East Anglia, Norwich, United Kingdom.

As Member of the Commission, she was actively engaged in raising awareness of human rights and in conducting training programs throughout the country for various target groups including non-governmental organizations, court magistrates, atoll and island chiefs, senior administrative officials, members of women development committees, police, prison officers, police custodial officers, curriculum developers, teachers and school supervisors. She was also actively engaged in advocating for education and child rights, and on prevention of torture, degrading treatment and punishments, visiting the Centre for children under state care, detention facilities and those deprived of their freedom and liberty, drug rehabilitation centre and the main prisons, advocating to set up international standards and best practices and to take adequate steps in the prevention of torture. In addition, her primary task was in overseeing the work of the Education and Media Department of the Commission. As President of the Commission (HRCM), her lead role involves chairing commission meetings and leading the decision making process, oversee the overall functioning of the Commission, delegate responsibility and work to Commission Members and Secretary General, in addition to providing strategic direction and monitoring to enhance performance and in periodic evaluation.

Prior to being appointed Commission Member, Azra had served the Maldives Education Sector as a Headmistress for a period of eight years in three atoll schools after her studies at Moray House College of Education in Edinburgh. UK. Azra has a keen interest in working for the rights of children and with her special sensitivity to the plight of victimized children, has dedicated much of her work and time to make a difference to the lives of rural children and youngsters. She has devoted much of her time with youth and parents involving them in community based teaching and learning to empower them to become responsible informed members of the community. She also served for sixteen years at the Educational Development Centre (EDC), which was the professional wing of the Ministry of Education. Her main area of work at EDC was in the development of the National Curriculum for Social Studies and in the preparation of educational materials for Social Studies initially and finally overseeing all areas of work acting in-charge of the Institution. During her tenure at the EDC, she was involved in coordinating various educational, human rights related projects assisted by UNICEF, UNESCO, ISESCO, British Council, VSO and other international organizations, which included the child friendly schools project, establishing Teacher Resource Centers, and special recovery programs for the Tsunami victims by re-activating educational facilities in the affected islands. Her last post in the Government was as Head of the Department of Public Examination which has the mandate to administer, coordinate and conduct International and Local Examinations.

Her special areas of interest are in the field of human rights and in educational management.

1 May 2011