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HRCM releases report on Male’ Immigration Detention Center

News | 08 March 2009

Human Rights Commission of the Maldives has released a report based on its inspection visit conducted to Male Immigration Detention Center, managed by the Expatriate Monitoring Center under the Department of Immigration and Emigration, on 9 February 2009.


This is the Commission’s first visit to the Center. This center is and institution established and maintained by the state to detain expatriate workers, following a constitutional and regulatory offences, prior to their extradition. At the time of the visit the center which has the capacity to accommodate 50 persons, contained 49 expatriate detainees.


The Commission found the condition and facilities of the center to be satisfactory. The recommendations based on the findings from the visit have been presented to the concerned authorities. Some highlights of the recommendations are to include, becoming a member of the International Convention on the Rights of the Immigrant workers and also that of the International Labour Organization and taking deliberate measures to stop the introduction of human trafficking in the Maldives.


This visit was conducted by the National Preventive Mechanism established under the Human Rights Commission of the Maldives, by the government, as stipulated under the Optional Protocol in the Convention Against Torture and other Cruel, Inhuman and Degrading Punishment or Treatment.