Human Rights Commission of the Maldives

Presidential Election 2013 Updates

20th October 2013 (00:08)

A total of 465 calls received, 366 calls due to re-registration issues, 66 other elections related calls and 32 calls regarding the protests that's been going on and on the difficulties civilians are facing due to the protests being carried out.

19th October 2013 (18:41)

A total of 28 calls received, 24 calls regarding the protests that's been going on at Male' city and GDh.Thinadhoo (the complaints are regarding on the difficulties to travel as the roads are blocked by the MDP protestors, they are not letting civilians to even walk through their line, most of the calls received were cause MajeedheeMagu is blocked : VB Mart at maafannu, Chandhanee Magu junction, Galolhu kanmathi) (concerning issues amongst these: 2 calls from GDh.Thinadhoo, said GCE O'level examinations are going on at school from 20:00-22:00, protests going almost next to the school, the protestors are shouting, using indecent language, playing music extremely loudly, the parents had requested them to decrease the volumes but the protesters are not complying; 2 calls regarding GCE O'level at Male', one person said the test is ongoing and it would be extremely difficult for the students, one person said that she lives near galolhu kanmathi and there are 8 students

19th October 2013 (15:45)

A total of 424 calls received, 364 calls due to re-registration and 59 other elections related calls.

19th October 2013 (14:00)

A total of 417 calls received, 360 calls due to re-registration and 56 other elections related calls.

19th October 2013 (01:19)

A total of 373 calls received, 319 calls due to re-registration and EC hotline not being answered, 54 other election related calls received.

HRCM calls upon everyone to put aside political differences, to take economic and social repercussions in to consideration and to come together to bring an end to the crisis the country is in at present.

19th October 2013 (12:55)

The Constitution gives Election Commission the authority to hold or call off elections, MPS does not have the authority or the mandate to prevent elections.

19th October 2013 (12:22)

MPS has violated the guidelines of SC by not following the first point which states that the MPS should support the election process.

19th October 2013 (12:17)

The actions of MPS has violated the citizens’ right to vote.
HRCM believes that MPS cannot take this course of action, as the SC has already set a precedent to be followed by the Police in case of such an incident and there is no ruling by the Supreme Court on MPS to prevent the election process.

19th October 2013 (12:10)

HRCM condemns the actions taken by Maldives Police Service this morning in preventing Election Commission from carrying out their constitutional responsibility of holding the 2013 Presidential Election

18th October 2013 (22:30)

As of now a total of 258 calls have been received regarding elections, out of which 214 calls are due to re-registration problems, 44 are due to other issues relating to elections. All of the complainants raised the issue of non-response from EC Hotline 1414.

18th October 2013 (11:25)

HRCM Vice President Ahmed Tholal and Member Jeehan Mahmood will be Live on TVM in a few minutes, talking about the cancellation of Presidential Election.